La domanda più importante…

“La domanda più importante che dobbiamo porci è: quale mito sto vivendo?

Carl Jung
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Ve lo siete mai chiesto?

I Miti. Storie di popoli e di famiglie.. | ilpensierononlineare

I miti familiari | ilpensierononlineare

dott. Gennaro Rinaldi

11 pensieri su “La domanda più importante…

      1. Gennaro Autore articolo

        Yes, here in the Campania region between the province of Naples, Caserta and Salerno, we have numerous very important archaeological sites: in addition to the site of Paestum, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Capua Antica, Baia (submerged city), Campi Flegrei, Cuma, Oplonti, Stabia, Roman aqueduct in the Maddaloni Valley, and others .. Just think that Naples itself (the old Partenope) is full of monuments on the surface and underground, throughout the city; Furthermore, several underground excavations and museums will open shortly in some underground stations, where Romanesque and Hellenic remains have been found. If you like history and cities of art, I recommend that you come to Naples and Campania as soon as it is possible to return to travel safely. Believe me there is so much to see that you will be spoiled for choice.

        "Mi piace"


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