14 pensieri su “Gentile Dott.ssa #1: La paura si abbraccia?

  1. maxilpoeta

    ottimi consigli! 👍 Apprezzo molto il vostro rispondere dal punto di vista professionale, serio, coscienzioso, senza lasciar nulla al caso. Molte riflessioni anch’io le avrei impostate allo stesso modo, forse quella ragazza non si voleva esporre troppo, evidentemente le parti che più la preoccupano sono quelle che non cita, magari legate al suo passato, e in parte esaltate dall’ultimo anno di pandemia, che se possibile ha peggiorato queste patologie…

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  2. O Miau do Leão

    I am suffering from fear too. And I had organic reactions in the form of vomiting. My fear is a bit of predicting the future. If I have a meeting, or a job at a difficult time, then I imagine that I won’t be able to speak at the meeting, or I won’t be able to leave the house because it’s so early and still dark. So I freeze, or throw up without anything coming out, or I wake up at the scheduled time to leave on a certain day. I think it’s all connected to the fear of failure.
    I don’t know how to overcome this kind of fear, but I have managed to control the urge to vomit by doing breathing exercises and meditation. I have been reading about fear.
    I think I just need a push in these moments of fear.

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    1. Giusy Autore articolo

      thank you so much for sharing your story. I understand your discomfort and imagine how much stress this situation adds to your life.
      are you already following a path with an expert or are you just finding the best strategies for you by yourself?

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      1. O Miau do Leão

        I spoke 3 times with a psychologist, 3 hours of consultation. I didn’t find it helpful, I didn’t find answers, I talked and got questions, so I am looking for strategies by myself. I discovered breathing exercises and meditation. I managed to control the vomiting, but the fear is there, always ready to kick in. I have felt it in some other phases of life, like after having the first child. I didn’t think I could be a mother, but I did. The current phase that I live is definitely the most difficult because it doesn’t let me sleep peacefully, and for that I take some natural substances like melatonin and valerian.

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      2. Giusy Autore articolo

        Good Morning, I’m sorry to tell you that 3 sessions are few to obtain satisfactory results. The question of time is fundamental during a psychotherapy process (especially when there is a phobia or panic) because it is necessary to understand the unconscious roots that push the person to develop that symptom. The deeply unconscious nature of the memory makes the work very complex. Usually 5 preliminary meetings are held (to understand the problem) then we understand if psychotherapy is needed (and what type, more specifically). I’m sorry that you are left alone with your fear. Self-implemented strategies often have a palliative effect. If you feel like giving a colleague of mine a new opportunity, you could change your psychotherapeutic (or psychoanalytic) address. My best wishes for you.

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